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Earlier this year, we decided to take a trip to Japan. I had never been to Japan before, so I did a lot of research on places I wanted to go to. After consulting with a few friends in Japan, they told me my plan was unfeasible, unless I was staying for two months. With that in mind, the plans were scrapped, and we decided to just wander around and enjoy the sights. 

One of the highlights of the trip was going to the Toyota Theme Park, MEGA WEB. If you are interested in Toyota's from the past to the present, you definitely want to plan a stop here!


How's this for an entrance to History Garage? Pretty cool if you ask me!

When you walk in, you're treated to awesomeness! At History Garage, you're treated to cars from all over the world, not just Toyota's! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. 




So rare to see the awesome rotary powered Mazda Cosmo Sport, Mazda's halo car!




The Jaguar E-Type. I like the coupe far better though!



The BMW Isetta, the top selling 3 cylinder car in the world at that time!


toyota_history_garage_mega_web_chevrolet_impalaPretty cool Chevy Impala on display!


toyota_history_garage_mega_web_This place is so awesome, I love how open the display is!


Not sure how the Corvette qualifies as a Mob car, but it's an awesome backdrop!


Vintage Texaco gas station awesomeness!


toyota_mega_web_history_garage_citroen_11bBeautiful Citroen 11B!


I've never seen the MG TC in person before, it looked great!



Toyopet Corona RT20


Toyopet Crown Model RS41


Toyopets are cars you rarely see, if any at all! I would definitely like to have them in my garage too!


That's it for the first part of the trip to History Garage! There's plenty more to come! If you think this is great, you haven't seen the best yet!

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