About Scale Junkies

It all starts with a dream. Ever since we were young, we were fascinated by mechanical machinery, from military vehicles to rockets and automobiles. Usually, interests change as people grow older. Fortunately for us at Scale Junkies, the one constant in our lives is our passion for automobiles. For us, automobiles are not just a means of transportation...but rather automobiles are pieces of history and art. They also allow us to feel the wide variety of emotions we feel as humans.

Growing up, we've all dreamed of having huge collections of awesome automobiles. Unfortunately, we, like many of you, are limited in both space and money to own the real automobiles. But, we still yearn to own the winning cars of the 24 Hours of Le Mans races and the various highly sought and out of reach automobiles. In the midst of all this yearning, an idea was born! Rather than look wistfully at pictures, Scale Junkies was founded on the idea that we could have physical models of all the automobiles we have ever wanted! With collectible models, we could collect and display all the cars without having to worry about sourcing maintenance parts, or dealing with oil leaks everywhere! Having models of every automobile we wanted also adds to the excitement we feel when the real life versions of our model cars are at shows or racing events.

Scale Junkies is an online automotive collectible shop stocked with a great selection of high quality collectible scale model cars. Being extreme automotive junkies ourselves, we are passionate about automobiles from all eras. We aim to become “the shop” for high end scale model enthusiasts and automotive enthusiasts. It's hard to find a model car shop run by truly passionate automotive enthusiasts, so we aimed to fill that void. With a strong emphasis on groundbreaking automobiles and race cars from the past to present, we're sure to have items for almost everyone!

While our main focus is on selling collectible model cars, we extended our passion to celebrate automotive culture with the both young and old through our constantly updated blog. Be sure to subscribe as this is where we'll share our world of automobiles with you!